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Lakewood Ranch Little League

LWRLL Board of Directors 2019-2020





 Doug Kovatch
 (484) 620-7163
 [email protected]
 Vice President  Jim Chalmers  (941) 266-3167  [email protected]
 Secretary  Jen Danahy  (704) 576-0949  [email protected]
 Treasurer  Adam Levine  (941) 932-0335  [email protected]
 Concession Director  Steve Kostas  (941) 251-4494  [email protected]
 Coach Coordinator Marc Hanson (941) 773-4468 [email protected]
 Coach Coordinator Jason Youngblood (321) 263-5049 [email protected]
 Player Agent  Matt Martin (401) 529-8761 [email protected]
 Player Agent Joe Beaudoin (941) 302-7907 [email protected]
 Safety Officer  Mark Cordani  (516) 317-4370 [email protected]
 Information Officer  Amie Brewer  (314) 920-1419  [email protected]
 Marketing Officer  Tom Miceli  (919) 423-8075  [email protected]
 Uniforms Manager Tim Tremblay (410) 365-5244 [email protected]
 Equipment Manager Nate Spisak (941) 586-2064 [email protected]
 Umpire In Charge
 Jeff Parrill (941) 962-4312  [email protected]

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